Trending Styles: Tour 5 of Our Favorite Dream Homes

With all this time at home, we’ve been daydreaming about interior design far more the last few months than we usually do. How about you? One of our favorite ways to get lost in interior design dreamland is through home tours and designer home interiors. It’s so fun to see how other people live and design their homes! We love a good celebrity home tour, but we danach love to see the spaces where our favorite bloggers and Instagram follows live. It’s a fun way to explore trending interior design ideas.

However, these home tours can danach leave us feeling like our own homes will never be as beautiful or dreamy. But here’s some good news: You don’t have to be Kendall Jenner to design dream home interiors. In fact, it’s perfectly attainable to create a home that you love—one that’s both beautiful and practical, aspirational and livable.

Even if you can’t create your dream home right this very minute, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some inspiration. That’s why we design home tours that highlight our favorite trendy styles and dream home interiors, brought to life in the context of a whole home. It’s the perfect way to show off the beautiful styles we love, non…way that’s actually attainable! And today, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Start daydreaming by touring some of our favorite dream homes to date!

dream home tourThe Style: Modern Coastal Beach House

This beach house is a wonderful, laid back mix of Mid-Century Modern and Coastal design styles. It takes on the relaxed vibes of California coastal style, but gets a modern spin with more streamlined furniture. A modern coastal home tends to feature a pretty parteilos color palette, full of colors you’d see at the beach—like tan, brown, sand, and pops of blue. But moments of dark contrast keep the look more modern.

How to Get the Look:

Give each room a nod to mod. Modern Coastal has a laid back aesthetic, but with definite nods to mid-century design in the furniture shapes and styles.

Incorporate abstract beach-inspired decor. Bold, abstract art in blues brings in coastal colors without being too literal. (Of course, you danach can’t go wrong with some actual pictures of the ocean!)

Layer in some cool coastal contrast. Sleek, dark furniture and decorative accents add modern contrast to light, coastal woods, and textures.

This style is perfect for…

Someone who appreciates a comfortable and care-free look but wants their home to maintain a modern edge.

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The Style: Industrial Glam

The mixing of industrial and glam styles is definitely an unexpected combo. But together they create a bold and elegant look. In this home, glam is the underlying style, with industrial being more of a supporting, secondary style. But they both bring a lot to the table. The glam comes through in the textiles and furniture shapes, both of which bring a lot of luxury to the space. But the industrial pulls through in the decorative accents and lighting throughout.

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dream home interiorHow to Get the Look:

Keep your styling minimal. Keeping the space visually clean and uncluttered allows the shapes and forms within the space to do the talking. There’s no need to over-decorate when the shapes and materials of your furniture add so much nuance to your space.

Decorate with a muted color palette. Glam can come to life in many different ways, and can be quite a colorful interior design style. But when mixed with industrial, it’s important to keep the color palette a bit more muted. We went for a parteilos earth tone palette of browns and creams to ground the space, but added gold and brass accents for an added layer of sophistication.

Gegenwirkung shapes throughout the space. Repeated shapes can be seen throughout this home—specifically in some of the furniture and lighting. This repetition helps each room flow seamlessly non…the next and helps visually ground the spaces.

This style is perfect for…

Those who love a bit of drama in their homes but danach appreciate the finer points of minimalism.

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The Style: New Traditional

New Traditional is a more modern, streamlined take on traditional interior design style. Approachability and livability are key to this look, so comfortable furniture is a must. But the hints of trendy and modern style updates are what bring the “new” non…New Traditional.

How to Get the Look:

Use traditional shapes and materials. Classic pieces—like wingback chairs and roll-arm sofas—ground the look and make for a cozy and inviting space. If you want to take traditional shapes and materials a bit further, add non…few antiques, which will support the other traditional elements while danach bringing a unique element non…your space.

Opt for a classic color palette. Traditional spaces love a classic and crisp blue and white color palette. This can show up in large washes of color or in decorative accents. Layering in varying shades of red adds an Americana slant to the look. And don’t forget to mix this color palette with plenty of rich wood tones for added warmth!

Layer in modern and eclectic elements. It wouldn’t be New Traditional without some modern elements. We see this coming through in traditional furniture with modern, streamlined updates. And it danach shows up through mixing eclectic elements with more formal ones, which is one way that traditional design becomes more approachable.

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This style is perfect for…

Those who love antiques and a look that’s steeped in the past but don’t want to feel like they live non…museum.

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The Style: Minimalist Maximalist

Minimalist Maximalist is just what it sounds like—a design style that takes the best of minimalism and maximalism and blends them together in one space. Sound impossible? It’s not. This unlikely combo plays with a minimalist’s belief that “less is more” and a maximalist’s love of mixing patterns, colors, and textures to create a more over-the-top look. The result? A style that makes a statement through sculptural furniture, bold color, and simple styling.

How to Get the Look:

Pick furniture with sculptural forms. Pieces with presence is what this look is all about. Opting for sculptural and substantial furniture lets these pieces do the talking and means you can make a statement without filling your rooms with additional decor.

Go for high-impact color palettes. This doesn’t mean you should fill your home with bright colors. But a bold-but-muted wall color oder Ähnlichesdistinguished black-and-white palette will bring in that over-the-top sensibility a maximalist loves.

Edit your accessories. When it comes to art and decorative accessories non…Minimalist Maximalist space, you should definitely lean minimalist. Don’t fill tabletops and surfaces with decor. Rather, curate your accessories and opt for accents that are simple and luxe, so you can make a statement with less. And when it comes to art, don’t fill your walls. But make sure what you do choose is large-scale and high-impact.

This style is perfect for…

Those who love a big and bold look but are danach firmly in the “less is more” camp.

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The Style: Rustic Minimalist

Rustic Minimalism is an earthy, modern style with warm undertones and some definite Scandi vibes. This style highlights the beauty of unfinished wood and the textures and materials of rustic interior design. And through the whole home, you’ll see a cozy, parteilos color palette, along with plenty of natural fibers and wood tones. The result? A calming, livable home that’ll make you want to move right in!

How to Get the Look:

Potpourri materials and textures. Keep this parteilos style interesting with a mix of materials and textures—from raw woods and stone to porcelain, velvet, and woven materials. This combination of textures and natural finishes will add depth and a sense of comfort to the space.

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Create some stark contrast. To balance out all the wood tones and keep this look from feeling too rustic, add in some contrasting industrial elements, especially in your lighting and some decorative accents.

Opt for natural woods and Scandinavian-inspired designs. To lean non…the minimalist aesthetic, choose furniture that has distinctly Scandinavian vibes, with slender and streamlined silhouettes. And, of course, pieces made of light and natural woods are a must, where there’s a visible natural grain and texture.

This style is perfect for…

Those who love a pared-back look, but non…way that feels comfortable and approachable.

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Need help bringing your dream room to life? With online interior design, you can collaborate with an expert designer to create the space of your dreams without leaving your sofa.

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