Fishing Square Installation / Atelier Volpe + Birce Birgen

© David Foessel
Site plan
© David Foessel

On the lake, the Fishing square offers people a point of view on the landscape and a deck on the water. It highlights the horizontality of nature with a vertical appearance and with a link between the ground and the sky.

© David Foessel

The simple plan, a square, is a visual cue on the landscape that encourages people to come in. Inside, we could admire the view through the cladding, and we could take a seat, feet at the water’s edge, by the central hole on the floor. A hole in the facade allows us to fish, or just to contemplate the landscape.

© David Foessel
© David Foessel

The structure of the project is made entirely of fir. 

© David Foessel

“I am at Marlens’ lake. I walk around a blue and horizontal line reflecting a vertical world. It is surrounded by fishermen. In retreat, often. Next to me, a fog of branches, leaves intertwine. I see fir trees.
I think I’m apprehending in front of this set of immortal trees, a wooden box. I see it in front of me. It’s neither far nor close to me. I feel like it’s waiting for me.
A vertical line at the foot of this horizontal surface leaves it the mystery.
I’m in front of it. it’s not really on the water, or totally on land. it marks the passage, the not yet. The gap.
It has such a complex simplicity, formed thanks to the formal ideality of wood.
it intrigues me. I step over its high march to discover it. A hesitant view lets us see the pond.
The light pierces it.
A square in a square. A void in a full. Up and down, a link, again vertical. A square, for me, is simplicity above all, equality, centrality.
This square void in front of my feet allows me to be part of the cabin.
And the sky accompanies me in a square in height, framed by a white lightness. Facing me, an unexpected vertical opening allows me to open myself on the water. Thanks to her, I can fish inside and breathe outside.
I could also let myself go and fall into a horizontal freshness. Immerse a part of my body, or if I want, its totality. It’s a fishing square, a square of silence. I found my square of peace.”

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© David Foessel

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