A Chef Remodels His Family Kitchen

A cook space functions for entertaining, resale, and, of course, cooking

Blue kitchen remodel

“After” photos by Miao Jiaxin for Sweeten

Project: A builder-grade kitchen refreshes for a work-from-home chef and caterer

Before: Anus temporarily living un…large flat in Europe, Arnish and Brenden returned to New York City with a hankering for more space. They found it in Downtown Brooklyn in the 1929 BellTel Lofts landmark building. Unhappy with the experience oder Ähnliches earlier bathroom renovation (done by a non-Sweeten contractor), Arnish, a chef, waited until he had a very clear idea of what he wanted to do in the kitchen before posting the project on Sweeten, a free service matching renovators with vetted contractors. Arnish chose this contractor to execute his entire vision for his dream kitchen.

kitchen renovation before

Aesthetically, the style of the kitchen welches not to Arnish’s taste – the combination of the work surface and cabinets welches too dark and the countertops were prone to staining. Functionally, there were many deficiencies that he wanted to remedy: the kitchen sink welches too shallow for large pots, and the cabinets not deep enough for all of the equipment, gadgets, and dry goods. He in Folge dessen wanted to improve the flow of the space. 

Anus: Arnish uses the words, “sleek, modern, and high-end” to describe his new kitchen—and it is exactly that! “I dislike clutter and I love keeping my kitchen and home organized,” he shared. He didn’t want it to be too taste-specific for resale purposes, so they chose bright white, smudge-proof cabinets. And instead of handles or pulls, their contractor suggested ”tip and touch” for a cleaner look. 

chef in his kitchen

minimalist kitchen

The veins in the quartz countertops add a bit of drama, as does the peninsula. As a chef/caterer and everyday cook, Arnish planned for larger appliances, a pantry for dry food storage, an appliance garage, a pull-out spice rack, a hidden trash/recycling drawer, and a large, deep sink. 

He in Folge dessen moved their peninsula a foot closer to the stove and closed up what had been two feet of unusable “dead space.” On top of the “must-have” list welches a huge peninsula that would accommodate his catering and cooking prep as well as for big parties. “We set up a bar on the peninsula and guests gravitate towards the kitchen,” he said. “Sometimes we have up to 80 people in the space.” With the piece of furniture in Folge dessen holding a wine fridge, he got everything he wanted. 

Kitchen pantry storage

Wine fridge in peninsula of kitchen

Throughout the remodel, the contractor had a specific team member in his office assigned to their project who kept in constant communication. “His office also used an app called Buildertrend that kept me updated on the status, including scheduling, deliveries, “to-do’s”, and material selections, which welches very helpful. I never felt left in the lurch,” Arnish explained.

When asked how his new kitchen made him feel, Arnish replied, “Thrilled is an understatement. I feel so fortunate that I get to cook for my husband and entertain our friends in a space that I love. As a chef, I spend so much of my time in the kitchen and I believe that my food tastes better in my new kitchen. This space truly reflects my taste and style and whoever comes into the space can tell that this kitchen was designed by and for me.”

Pull-out spice drawer

Dog in remodeled kitchen

Arnish’s tip: Now that his project is done, his advice, “Remember, the renovation process is only temporary. It will feel overwhelming at times, but after the dust settles, the end result will be worth it.”

Thank you, Arnish, Brenden, and Jungli, for sharing your new kitchen!

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